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“Become a youth worker for a day!” On the 9th of May – EUROPE DAY

On May the 9th, we mark Europe Day, but it is also the day of student self-government, so we organized an interesting initiative in this occasion.

For a day, student volunteers had the opportunity to step into our shoes. They took their first, confident steps into the world of youth work, going through two modules.

We devoted the morning hours to field work. Together with the young people, we visited Social Patronage – Burgas. There, our newbie youth workers shared their knowledge about smart devices with elderly users. Within an hour and a half, the elderly were able to master many every-day tasks such as how to send a photo to a grandchild, how to search for recipes on Google and how to use Viber. The meeting ended with warm words of gratitude and smiles, and a promise to see each other again.

The young people spent the afternoon in our office at the Youth Cultural Center. There, apart from the atmosphere in which we work, they got to know some of our main activities. We got to know each other, talked about what it’s like to be a youth worker and held a team meeting where each participant received their task for the day. Some of the participants created a concept for an event, under the mentorship of our colleagues. Another group presented an idea for a motivational workshop, targeting vulnerable groups. The third task was related to the preparation of visual materials for future events of the Center. Of course, we have not forgotten the coverage of our activities. Therefore, the last task was to write a press release.
All the participants did an amazing job with their tasks, got involved with a lot of zest and youthful enthusiasm.

During the final reflection, the young people said that the tasks were enjoyable, but also challenging at times. The conclusion was that behind the quality results there is a lot of work and teamwork.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Seeing your potential in action can only inspire us going forward!