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“The Kitchen of Youth work” VOL.2 – Module part 2 from the youth workers’ training

From October 2nd to October 6th was held the second module of the training for the qualification improvement of youth workers from the National Network of Youth Centers in Bulgaria. It took place in Pomorie and brought together all youth workers in Bulgaria: Burgas, Stara Zagora, Pernik, Dobrich, Vratsa, Plovdiv, Montana, and Gabrovo. The training program focused on understanding privileges and working with underprivileged groups. The module also addressed other crucial topics, including youth research, intercultural sensitivity, and communication. The training was again facilitated by the “fantastic four” Margarita, Jaffer, Stefan, and Natalia – trainers from the Council of Europe.

“The Kitchen of Youth Work” VOL. 2 opened doors on October 2nd with a warm welcome. We got to know our new colleagues from across the country and aimed to align ourselves for learning, sharing experiences, and making the most of the coming days. The afternoon session continued with feedback from the previous training and shaping the training framework for this module. We concluded with reflection, our well-known way of re-evaluating and assessing what we have learned and experienced so far.

The second day of the training was dedicated to techniques for mapping and researching the youth population. We began by presenting our homework, which involved mapping the youth in the areas where our youth centres operate. We then explored various types of research and how to effectively use them in youth work. Mapping would be useful for visualizing the youth population we are researching with the necessary markers for the study. The training session continued with discussions on underprivileged groups and understanding them. We talked about understanding privileges, the intersections between different groups in which young people can find themselves, and how to work on their inclusion. Again, we concluded with reflection on the sessions.

October 5th was dedicated to intercultural sensitivity. In the learning process, we discussed intercultural communication and understanding stereotypes, prejudices, and solidarity in a multicultural environment. We continued with a training session on communication competence, focusing on effective communication skills and active listening. We learned new things and overcame obstacles on the path to better understanding others through team work, effective opinion expression, and communication.

The last day of the training was a “harvesting” day. Following the first training in the “Kitchen of Youth Work,” this training module was a kind of time to prepare for the “winter” in our work and consider what we want to preserve in our skill jars. We had time for reflection on what has been achieved and what lies ahead. We thank the organizers, the trainers, and all our colleagues! We look forward to entering the Kitchen again in December!

Project No. BGLD-2.001-0002 “Establishment of the Youth International Center – Burgas” is implemented under the “Local Development, Poverty Reduction, and Improved Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups” program, funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.