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managing Director

Maria Salabasheva

Journalist and classical musician with two Master’s degrees obtained in Bulgaria and the US. Maria is a person with cross-cultural experience and an interdisciplinary approach. Among her experience in the youth sector is an annual Internet security training for children, jointly implemented with the Municipality of Burgas and the Local Commission for Prevention of Antisocial Behavior of Minors.

The team

The implementation of Burgas International Youth Center would not be possible without active teamwork and dedication. Here are the people who have embraced the mission to turn the IYC into the “place” where young people can freely express themselves and manifest their needs.

youth worker

Maria Nedeva

Maria is a graduate journalist currently studying for a master's degree in Human Resources and Organizational Psychology. She has professional experience in the services sector and the labor market. She believes that her vocation is connected with working with people. She loves the performing arts, music, and sports, and the focus of the activities she leads is in these areas.

youth worker

Anelia Asenova

Anelia has Bachelor's Degree in Social Work (BSW) from Burgas Free University. She has experience as a team manager which enforced her communication skills and decision-making. Anelia is happy to be part of the International Youth Center's team because she is dedicated to help young people in their educational and social development.

youth worker

Ventsislava Tsvetkova

Ventsislava earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology (BA/BS) from St.Cyril and St.Metodhius University in Veliko Turnovo. She is a good collaborator, focused on teamwork. Ventsislava is proficient in English and German languages, and a dedicated Hallyu fan.

youth worker

Rusen Gigov

Rusen obtained a doctoral degree in Social, Economic, and Legal Sciences from the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov" in Burgas. He possesses a broad practical experience and in recent years has directed his efforts towards teaching. His interests include financial technologies, digitization of the economy, and informal education, strongly believing in the potential of the young people of Burgas.

youth worker

Zhulieta Ivanova

Julieta is originally from Burgas but for the last 7 years she's studied and worked in Sofia. Julieta is an artistic person focused on young people's career development, non-verbal communication, and community building. The main reason for Julieta to become a youth worker is her desire to be part of a team dedicated to transform Burgas into a more lively space full of young people.

youth worker

Maria Popcheva

A philologist, a master of economics, and a resident of Burgas. She says the latter is most precious to her. Fate leads her to radio, where she has worked as a journalist for 5 years. She shares that there she rediscovers our city and sees that it is filled with many talented young people who enrich it daily and are worth being seen and heard.

youth worker

Georgi Atanasov

Georgi is a certified elementary school teacher who is currently developing in the youth sector while also working as a social educator. He has solid experience in the NGO sector, having been a volunteer, mentor, and coordinator in several youth organizations for a long time. To this day, Georgi continues to be a creative individual and has formed a volunteer and dance/folklore group in his hometown.

youth worker

Mihail Kolev

Mihail graduated Burgas Free University as a Master in Strategic communications and Media management. He is website content writer with good communication skills, which allows him to interact with people of all areas of life. Mihail is an experienced organizer of all kinds of cultural, sport and health-related events.

youth worker

Olga Vihristiuk

Olga has completed her bachelor's degree in Kazakhstan in the field of "Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge," where she began to engage in youth policies. She earned her master's degree at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in the field of "International Relations and Security Issues." For the last 4 years, she has been a doctoral student at the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov" in Burgas. Her interests include public opinion in the economic process, the oil and gas sector, volunteering, international relations, and psychology. She believes that young people are a key factor in the development of a country.

Project team

Project Manager

Stanislav Mаzhgalov

Design Engineer. Director of the Burgas Museum of Aviation since 2016. Stanislav has extensive experience in the non-governmental youth sector. He has served as Deputy Chairman of the “Youth Voice” National Association since 2018.

Project Coordinator

Maria Burulyanova

Senior Expert, Burgas Municipality Strategic Development Department since 2011. Maria holds a Master’s degree in Political Strategies and Communications from the University of Kent, Brussels. She has relevant experience in the preparation and implementation of European projects, financed by European structural and investment funds, as well as other financial instruments.

Project Technical Аssistant

Katya Delchilova

Head Manager, Burgas Youth Cultural Center. Master of Ecology and Environmental Protection. Katya has over 10 years of experience and expertise in the implementation of cultural projects, events, and festivals.