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We had a fishing contest “Young Fisherman”!

The first edition of the  fishing competition for beginners “Young Fisherman”, which took place last Saturday, was enjpoying great interest from Burgas youth!

About 25 children and youngsters cast their fishing rods into Mandra Lake, and the youngest fisherman was only three years old! Not many initiatives can motivate you early on a Saturday morning – fishing is a sport that requires serious skills such as speed, agility, concentration, patience, and sometimes courage! That is why we are very happy to see such enthusiastic young people, willing to learn and have fun with fishing.

The event took place in the following order: first we had a discussion  on safety at work and specifics with fishing; fish species in the Madra lake etc., and then the competition began. Valery Spasov was the young fisherman with the biggest catch, who managed to catch a total of 475 g of fish – impressive! Dimitar Baev (325 g catch) and Maria Marinova (300 g catch) ranked behind him in the top three. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered this contest!

There were certificates for all participants, and the first three places received medals.

The role of mentor and trainer was assigned to Michel Dimitrov, world champion in sport fishing and member of the Bulgarian Sports Fishing Federation. He answered any questions the participants had and ensured smooth running of the competition.

In order for “Young Fisherman” to take place, we were greatly helped by the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture (IARA), in the person of Deputy Executive Director Nikolay Boychev.

This event is organized by the International Youth Center – Burgas in partnership with the “Preventions and Youth Policies” department of the Burgas municipality.

We say a big Thank you! – to all our partners and to all participants and guests – without you the event would have not been possible!