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What will happen on the upcoming Youth exchange?

The International Youth Centre’s first youth exchange is coming up in just a few hours. We are happy to say, that we received many valuable applications with very original presentations. All applicants did very well with the task, and all presentations were made with imagination and a sense of aesthetic. 

Nonetheless, we chose 12 participants for the project. Here they are with a sneak peek of their tasks: 

Elif Shabanova

Aleksander Yanev, Mila Moskovska and Aleksandra Nikolova 


Teodora Todorova


Polina Staneva and Stella Slavova


Martin Shurelov, Veneta Yordanova and Bilyana Bozhdermenova 


Niya Obretenova and Irma Petkova 


And here is the program for the period of the Youth exchange:


We are all very excided and can’t wait for the start of the exchange. Everyday we will publish a resume of our journey and you can follow it here and on social media.