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“Creative Residency – Bulgaria and Iceland” Youth exchange


International Youth Centre-Burgas organizes youth exchange in Burgas with guests from Iceland.

The project will cover the following topics: creativity, communicative skills, digital skills, tolerance. 

We will examine the similarities and differences of the two nations through a series of non-formal activities and we will have the opportunity to hear about the beauty of the Icelandic culture, while sharing ours, too. We will also learn how to make a podcast.

Dates: 17.10-21.10.2022

Candidates, willing to join the exchange have to prepare a Powerpoint presentation for Bulgaria individually or in a group of three. It will be presented om the project in front of the Icelandic participants.


  • Presentation must be in English and should contain the following 5 topics:

  1. History; 
  2. Culture (national kitchen, traditions, lifestyle);
  3. Nature
  4. School and leisure
  5. Modern-day challenges

  • Text should be 3 slides or less per topic. No restrictions for visual and audio material.
  • Presentations can be made individually, or in a group (no more than 3 people).

Evaluation criteria: implementation of all topics; content originality; design; visuals and text layout balance.

The candidates with best presentations will be chosen to take part in the exchange. Since it is on school days, the participants will be issued an absence note.

Click the Apply here button to fill out the Application form no later than 13.10.22г.

*If your application is for more than one person, please fill out all participants’ information.

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