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Another social afternoon in the Youth centre

We are pleased to share that our social afternoons are getting popular, so we are going to keep making them. Over 30 young people chose to spend the Saturday afternoon with us. Our small space in the Youth Cultural Center was getting a little cramped for all those who wanted to get involve.

We started with Jenga, Bellot, Chess and Scrabble games. We continued with Darts and Dixit. And for the grand finale – the favorite game of our youth – Mafia. Mobsters and citizens have engaged in a battle of mutual accusations, in which everyone can turn out to be an undercover killer. Friendships were put on the line, the shadow of suspicion fell on the innocent more than once. In the end, the mafia won, but there will be a rematch!

The afternoon could barely contain the enthusiasm of the young people, and the laughter and games continued even after the announced end time.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again!