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Bird houses workshop vol.1

The first edition of our bird house workshop went fantastic! As we all know, summer weekends are time dedicated to relaxing activities and nice emotions, however youth energy can’t be stopped even on а Saturday. Young people, alongside their parents joined forces with our team to make one great idea come to life. 

Burgas is a city, famous with the various species of birds, inhabiting the wetlands around the city lakes, and part of migration road Via Pontica. But not all birds on our territory are migratory ones. Many stay behind every winter, as this is their primary home. They are the ones we decided to build houses for, and with the help of our amazing volunteers we now have 10 brand new bird houses. 

We brought the materials, and the participants gave all of their enthusiasm and creativity to nail the boards together. While doing so, they learned how to safely use the instruments, what are the steps in making such a project and how to successfully work as a team. Afterwards all houses were painted by their creators in bright colours, to make them extra special. 

We will announce the new locations of the bird houses in a separate post, so everyone can see them when they are placed. The installation itself will be made by professionals. 

This event was part of the “Summer youth program” organised by Preventions and Youth policies department and International Youth Center Burgas. A big thank you to our volunteers and partners once again. See you soon for another exciting cause.