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Busy and exciting March for the International Youth Center’s team

How to recount the past month? March was full of trainings, filled with entertainment, but also responsibilities. The IYC’s team started off united by the idea to create a place where the young people of Burgas can evolve, rediscover themselves and find new friends. However, to make it happen the youth workers had to get to know each other first and build a team spirit.

The staff underwent several trainings in the first two weeks of the month. Desislava Doneva and Mina Spasova from “The Different Place” organized a team building in order to shorten the social distance. Zdravko Tenev, Mircho Hristov and Monika Todorova from the International Youth Center in Stara Zagora introduced the team to the details of youth work.

What else happened in March? First field work, first interaction with young people, first ideas for future events.

The first challenge: Since 14th of March the YIC’s team is a Coordinating Unit of the Crisis Center in Burgas where national and regional institutions join forces to help Ukrainian refugees overcome the consequences of the war. Some of the IYC’s forthcoming activities prioritize the future education of the young Ukrainians. The Center will organize Bulgarian language courses and provide psychological support. The first language groups will begin in April, creative activity courses and sports clubs are to follow.