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Green April – Spring cleaning and Art workshop

Last Saturday, we held the second part of our eco initiative Green April ! With the help and enthusiasm of 35 volunteers, we cleaned a badly littered meadow in the residential district of Meden Rudnik. We collected 50 big bags of litter!

At the same time, we help a workshop for handmade “trolls”, to show an easy way to reuse old textile. Participants in the event brought old unused clothes, which we then disposed in a recycling textile pod. Young participants, who took part in the workshop brought home their creations, and the rest we will donate to the Ukrainian children, accommodated in the Crisis centre in Meden Rudnik.

We want to send a warm Thank you to all volunteers, who came to the green event! And special thanks to Magdalena Manolova, the Meden Rudnik district director, who helped us organize the eco initiative!