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PINK SHIRT DAY with the International Youth Centre of Burgas

Today we celebrated “Pink Shirt Day” with quite the engaging event at the Professional High School of Tourism “Prof. Asen Zlatarov”. Pink Shirt Day is also known as International Day Against School Bullying.

Youth workers Ventsislava and Julieta, together with school counselor Tanya Petkova, entered three classes and discussed the topic of bullying with the students. Active youngsters from the 8th and the 9nth grade made vision boards with a message to their classmates. In them, they called for more support, tolerance and kindness between all students at school. Everyone who joined the initiative received a gift – a pink t-shirt and thus became ambassadors united against bullying at school.

This initiative began in 2007, when two boys in Canada stood up for their classmate, who was bullied for wearing a pink polo shirt to school. On the next day, David Shepherd and Travis Price bought pink t-shirts and handed them out to everyone at school who wanted to get involved and stand up against those who bullied their classmate.

This day is an occasion to remind ourselves that it is okay to be ourselves and that we should celebrate being different. Let us be defenders of the weaker and be tolerant of others!