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The International Youth Center presented its conceptual plan and activities to young people in Burgas

International Youth Center’s team members initiated а series of events outlining the organization’s main priorities and future activities.

The kick-off meeting was set up at the recently opened Peyo Yavorov Library in Burgas. The new Youth Center’s goals include the nurturing of capable leaders with extensive understanding of public life, honed skills in critical thinking, and the abilities to collaborate with diverse groups.

The “Establishment of International Youth Center – Burgas” Project is implemented by the Burgas Municipality in partnership with the Municipality of Reykjavik. It is funded by the 2014-2021 Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, under the “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups” Program.

Project Manager Stanislav Mazhgalov outlined the multiple benefits of engaging the community: achieving greater intellectual development, problem-solving capacities, critical thinking, and greater personal and social growth through enhanced personal efficacy. Together, these outcomes support a more dynamic public engagement for young people – one that not only supports student development, but also civic learning and collective capacities for democracy and well-being.

This first meeting was a step forward in achieving the overall International Youth Center’s concept for creating a proactive, dynamic, and socially engaged youth community. Initiatives such as the upcoming third Youth Volunteer Academy were also introduced to the public.

More about the International Youth Center can be found at:

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