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We organized a Darts tournament event!

A darts tournament for amateurs, called “Barts” (Darts in a bar!) took place on the 9th of July (last Saturday). It was organized by the International Youth Centre of Burgas and the “Preventions and Youth Policies” Department of the Municipality of Burgas. The event was part of our “Summer Youth Program – 2022”.

The tournament challenged eight pairs of participants at HotShot Billiard Club, who hosted the event.

Professionals from the Darts club – Burgas also got involved, helping with explanations of the rules, playing with the participants, keeping track of the results and providing guidance wherever needed.

The tournament aimed to develop and improve skills such as concentration, precision and fair play. Darts is a social game and during our competition we created new friendships and wonderful emotions.

Francesca Brambarova, Nikolay Yordanov and Irina Yancheva won medals for first, second and third place in the game.

All players received certificates of participation.