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Youth initiative “The ecologicat circle of school waste” – students built composters in the German language school “Goethe”

The composters at the German language high school “Goethe” – Burgas are already a fact. Together with the Green Nemska club and volunteers, we built them last weekend and they became not only beautiful, but also durable!

This is another successfully implemented youth initiative at Youth centre -Burgas – the young people from Zelena Nemska (Dea Velikova and Daniela Cholakova) contacted us with their idea, “Eco recycling of school waste”, they wrote a project based on it and with our financial and mentoring support now it is already a reality.

The composters are the only school composters (so far) and are located in the courtyard of the German High School, right across from the Green Classroom – another project of the active club.

Making the composters was not an easy job, but the product of many discussions about the materials and construction approach. Here we would like to give a special thanks to the high school handyman who is also Danny’s father, and also thanks to Deya’s father for the great help they were in the conception and finalization of the project!

This youth initiative is possible thanks to Project No. BGLD-2.001-0002 Creation of the Burgas International Youth Center.

The project is implemented under the Program “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Improved Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups”, financed through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021.