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We say “NO!” to aggression in school!

Bullying in school is sadly one of the most serious and often occurring issues within the education system. According to an international survey, Bulgaria is third in cases of school violence in Europe.

Our visit in 3 schools in Aytos municipality was dedicated namely to the topic of aggression in school. Together with the children of Primary schools “St Cyril and st Metodius”, “Svetlina” and “N.Y.Vaptsarov”, we gathered around the idea that diferences are not a reason for aggression, and that violence is not the solution to any problem. The training consisted of a number of activities, in which students practiced teamwork and active listening.

We, from Youth Centre Burgas, are impressed by the enthusiasm and proactivity of all students, as well as the material base and the level of education in all three school institutions. We hope that with this training we layed the foundations for a dialog between students and teachers about the aggression in school.

If there are other important topics, you feel need to be covered in school – don’t hesitate to write us on our social media platforms, on email or in a comment below!