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Who said Quiz Battle vol.1?

Youth International Centre-Burgas held their first edition youth quiz. On the 28th of May, Burgas youngsters grouped into teams in the Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov” to practice their knowledge in science, music, common knowledge etc.

A total of seven teams took part in the event from the following high schools: German language gymnasium “Goethe”, Mathematics gymnasium “Nikola Obreshkov”, English language gymnasium “Geo MIlev” and Russian language gymnasium “Vasil Levski”.

The quiz sparked in the youngsters a lot of excitement, frowns, smiles and curiousity!

And as excellent as all teams did, there can be only one winner and this was “Noob Power” with 65 points! “No Logic” were breathing in their necks with only 4 points less!

Here is the ranking of all teams by points:

“Noob Power” – 65т.

“Логика няма” – 61т.

“4-ма тъпаци и 3/4” – 49т.

“Скрита лимонка”- 48т.

“Много мило”- 47т.

“Dream Team”- 42т.

“Mega Mind”- 30т.

The winners were awarded with medals, and of course – the winners’ cup. But thats not all – the team also won a voucher for Escape room experience, where they can once again test their knowledge, logic and teamwork skills!

A big thank you to all the teams who participated for the incredible sportsmenship and enthusiasm!

Special thanks to our hosts as well – the Regional Library “Peyo Yavorov”.

And to the rest of our readers – stay tuned for the next edition of the quiz with Quiz Battle vol.2!