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Who said Quiz battle vol.2?

We had the second volume of our student quiz battle this past Saturday. 
The curious thing here was that the questions of this edition were designed by the winners of the last quiz Team Noob Power. They were also moderators and quiz hosts of the event, which brought together as many as 10 teams of Burgas students. 
The quiz consisted of 5 rounds, where participants could test their team knowledge in general culture, fandoms, music, logical thinking, history, etc.

One of the questions that baffled the audience the most was a logical task: 




Can you find the right answer? Interesting fact: the task is intended for 6th graders! 

The event brought together some of the teams from the first edition, with some new additions, but it also featured completely newly formed teams who dared to fight for the win. 

Teams “Mnogo milo”, “4 and 3/4 dumbasses” and “Team with No name” fought for the top three places, with “Mnogo milo” taking the first place with a difference of only 1 point from their opponents “4 and 3/4 dumbasses”. 

The winners won medals and a cup, as well as a big sweet treat – a cake, to treat themselves to for good teamwork. The young people will be the next designers of the third edition of the quiz. Expect more details on the topic. 

We want to especially thank our quiz designers and host for the good work in compiling the quiz and its implementation – Alexander Apostolov, Raya Celebieva, Stella Slavova, Victor Tarashev and Mihaela Nikolova. We are also very grateful to the young volunteers who took on the role of moderators – Martin Totev, Mila Moskovska, Mina Dragneva and Kristina Bandramalieva. And last but not least, we thank the host of the event – Youth Cultural Center.