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“Act and Impact!” International youth festival

During the past weekend, we attended the International Youth Festival “Act and Impact” in Plovdiv.

The event was organized by Youth centre – Plovdiv and it provided space for informal education sessions to take place. Young people could participate in seminars, trainings, workshops and role games, organized by bulgarian and foreign organizations, working with youth. The program was very intriguing and touched on a lot of important subjects: safety in internet; youth politics; leadership; entrepreneurship; emotional inteligence and career start.

Facilitators of the educational sessions were representatives of different youth organizations and NGOs from Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania and Spain, as well as us – The National youth cetres network. There were info booths, where passersby could learn more about our work.

We, from Youth centre-Burgas, facilitated a workshop session on the topic of Career start, where participants created their own vision board for a desired career or a job, and set for themselves specific steps to achieve their goals.

Apart from that, we took part as participants in quite the important education session by Youth centre – Pernik on the topic of Youth advisory board. Participants were divided in 3 groups – citizens, young people and municipality. The main purpose of the role game was for the young people to present an idea to the municipality and to see if they could get to a mutual agreement in the end. The activity provoked interesting discussions about the role of young people in our society and in the decisions making.

A big thank you to everyone for the opportunity to take part in this youth festival, but most of all thanks to Youth centre – Plovdiv for the hospitality and great organization!