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Autumn with inspiration: master class in floristry for young people

On 11.11.2023 (Saturday) the second edition of our master class in floristry for young peoplе took place in Flora Exhibition Center in Bourgas. The event gathered young people with a strong interest in aesthetics, who are inspired to create art. The class was led by Nina Yotovska – Harangi – an artist and professionalist in the field of floristry. Nina has many years of experience as a florist. She finished her studies in Hungary and started her career as a junior florist. Then she climbed the professional ladder as a senior florist, manager and manager of flower shops in Hungary. Since 2006, she has successfully managed her own flower boutique “Lisianthus” in Plovdiv. Nina constantly enriches her knowledge, completing a master class of the famous professional florist Dmitry Turkan.

For the first time nn 2022 Nina participated individually in the National Flower Exhibition “Flora” Burgas. There she presents the creation of a spring bouquet and two colorful art arrangements on the theme of “Art of Flowers”. We can add to Nina’s activities floristry courses at Varna Flower School and facilitation of floristry classes all around the country. Through the classes, she passes on her knowledge and experience to all people who wish to learn more about the art of floristry.

The aim of the second edition of the master class was to impart knowledge and skills to young people. The matter is a stable basis for building up knowledge for a future undertaking on the professional path of floristry. The training was divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. Within the theoretical module, the young people got acquainted with basic laws in floristry – composition, proportions, symmetry and asymmetry, coloristics, grouping of materials, accents and focal points. The practical part was a time to apply what was learned. The theme of the event was inspired by the season – an arrangement of autumn flowers, fruits and pumpkins. The training started with a short presentation of the lecturer and an introduction to the subject of the training. Nina presented all available natural materials, which she had selected for the purpose of the event, and explained how they could be used most rationally. Then she walked us through the process of making an autumn bouquet, explaining and illustrating in detail each step of the creation of the artwork. During this time, she was able to provide additional scientific information from the field of floristry, as well as answer the questions of the participants.

After Nina’s bouquet was ready, it was time for the young people to start creating their artwork. They did an amazing job – each one showing creativity and attention to details. The results were unique autumn bouquets, a mix of warm colors and pleasant emotions. The young people gave us positive feedback. They shared that they were extremely satisfied with the workshop, especially with the guidance and inspiration they received from our lecturer, and the good work each of them did. These reviews once again show us that we are on the right path in the youth work, and inspire us to continue investing in the development of the skills of young people in our region.