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Natalie, diagnosed with a rare form of Hirschsprung’s disease, prays for her salvation. The child needs emergency surgery abroad to have a chance to live. The required sum of 45,000 euros cannot be provided by her mother, who is a single parent and takes care of her daughter around the clock.

Hirschsprung’s disease is a disease in which certain nerve cells in the intestine responsible for the normal functioning of peristalsis are missing. Late detection of the disease led to the development of inflammatory degenerative colon disease and toxic megacolon. It is a life-threatening complication of the disease. The girl is in serious condition. In practice, the child can no longer eat normally, and his excretory system is currently in total dysfunction. Leading surgeons at home and abroad recommend urgent surgical treatment. Every day is important in a child’s life. In order for Nati to continue living, it is necessary to remove the inflamed colon.

The girl was operated unsuccessfully in Bulgaria, after which she got even worse. A leading team of surgeons in Istanbul is ready to take on the case of the Bulgarian. The mother is currently desperately trying to raise the amount needed for the life-saving operation planned at the Istanbul hospital.

Is one child’s life equal to 45,000 euros? For 15-year-old Nati, the equation is true.

Anyone who wants to lend a hand to the child and help save Natalie’s life can donate at the Post Bank to a donation account:
IBAN BG28BPBI81704062290501. 
Owner: Kaloyana Kanarieva. 
Reason – for Natalie’s treatment.