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See which youth initiatives got approved!

June 30 was the deadline for applying to the 5 YOUTH INITIATIVES competition, where youths aged 15-29 will have the opportunity to implement their ideas in several areas (see more info here). We received the project proposals of youth groups, examined them and evaluated each of them through a committee.

Six initiatives stood out the most and were approved. Here’s who they are:

  1. In the Ecology, environmental protection and animal care category, the Zelena Nemska youth informal group will have the opportunity to implement their idea for composters in the school yard of NEG “Goethe” in Burgas.
  2. In the areas of Youth spaces and Culture, creativity and visual art, a youth group of Art Painters from NUMSI “Pancho Vladigerov”, Burgas, applied. They wrote a proposal to paint the walls of the YIC-Burgas office.
  3. Another proposal in the field of Ecology, environmental protection and animal care, is a project for a hike and cleaning in Strandzha, proposed by students at the Vocational High School of Mechano-Electrical Engineering and Electronics.
  4. Again, in the category of Culture, creativity and visual art, we received a wonderful proposal to create 2 nooks of the school library. The project came from the students of the “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Primary School, village of Karageorgievo, who want their classmates to have a place to read compulsory literature. The library, apart from its functionality, will also be a pleasant place for recreation and relaxation.
  5. In the category of Informal activities and trainings, “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School sent us a project for Informal trainings and information campaigns for First Aid and the medical specialties offered by the school. The aim is to convince as many young people as possible of the importance of taking a First Aid course.
  6. The last approved initiative is in the Volunteering and civic activity category and will take place in the town of Aytos. Young people from PGSS “Zlatna Niva” presented a proposal to improve the yard of the nearby Kalina-Malina kindergarten. This will include cleaning the grounds, painting the swings and climbing frames, repairing a fence. Initially we had not set such a category, but subsequently added it, because of this cool and meaningful idea.

In addition to the selected initiatives, we received other proposals that had a very good vision and goals but did not meet all the criteria set. Such, for example, was the idea of students from the PG in computer programming and innovation in the city of Burgas, who wrote a project proposal for holding a Career Forum. The criterion that was not covered was a requirement for a trainer’s fee, which by regulation is not an allowable expense. Otherwise, the idea of such an event organized by young people is great, and in the future, we will do our best to make it happen with the help of the students.

Some of the approved initiatives will start this summer, others – in the fall, and some will not end until the end of March 2024. As the youth initiatives in which you can get involved as participants approach, we will inform you in due time.